Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Great Fish & Chips Map

Some of the comments about my blog post, The Quest for Fish & Chips, led me to realize that there were probably some great places to have fish and chips in the US. I just had not found them yet. I also recalled American friends of mine who had visited Britain and told me that they had tried fish and chips while they were there, but unfortunately found a bad place to have them.

Inspired by this, I came up with The Great Fish & Chips Map, an interactive world map where you can add your own favorite places to have fish and chips or find a place to have a good example of the dish.

View Larger Map

You can center the map on a different area by clicking and dragging. You can double click to zoom in on an area or double-RIGHT click to zoom out again. The pushpin symbols are the locations of good places to have fish & chips. Click on one to get details.

If you want more control, or you want to add a location, click on the View Larger Map link underneath the map.

How to add a location - Note: you will need to have (or create) a Google account, since the map is hosted at Google Maps

If you do wish to add a location, please keep it positive. Remember, this is a map of good places. Feel free to enter any comments or other information about a location.

I would love to hear what you think of it, so please do post a comment here. Likewise, if you have any problems using it let me know, so I can perhaps make improvements.


Anonymous said...

I'll have to get the name of the place. We went about a week ago. We get the shrimp and fish and chips.

Brian Donohue said...

Your comment that you haven't found any good fish and chip places in NJ leaped off the page. Please tell me you've been to the fish and chips places in Kearny. The Thistle, etc. If not, go now.

Graham said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Brian! Please do feel free to add any specific places on my map.

Unknown said...

You should try a place Called Indian Mills Pizza in Shamong NJ, its really good its owned and run by a British Family who are so friendly, they have Fish & Chips, Bangers & Mash, Steak Pie & chips and they also do british desserts like Apple Crumble etc all of which are homemade, please note they dont accept cards so take your cash with you.


Anonymous said...

Theres a new place in NJ called COD ALMIGHTY Chippery and they really know how to fish and chips the right way. Its definitely the best place in Jersey for that. They also have some cool stuff like fish tacos and chowders.

Anonymous said...

Cod almighty in Westfield also plays alot of British Classic rock too over the speakers.

Unknown said...

Dublinn Square Pub in Bordentown, RT 206 North.