Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Secret Identities Revealed?

The British press has been buzzing with possible revelations of "secret" identities.

Firstly, just days after announcing the identity of the actor to play the eleventh Doctor in Doctor Who, the Sun reports that singer-songwriter Lily Allen is a front-runner to play the Doctor's companion. The writer of BBC America's Anglophenia blog doesn't seem to think that's terribly likely. The Stuff On TV blog not only thinks that the rumor is a publicity stunt, but comes up with its own list of possibles to play the assistant. Still, Allen's name was linked to the part some years back, before it was given to Catherine Tate.

The Daily Mail revealed that that the "hunk" recently pictured cavorting on a beach in the Caribbean with self-destructive singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse was 21 Year old aspiring actor Joshua Bowman, a friend of rugby international Danny Cipriani.

And finally, this is reported that photographers at a Bristol, UK company learned the secret identity of the helmeted driver known as The Stig who is the "tame racing driver" for the British show Top Gear, but were sworn to secrecy. Apparently, the person in question came to them for a set of publicity photos. The article mentions that one rumor is that The Stig is really Bristol stunt-driver and racer Ben Collins.

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