Friday, January 2, 2009

The Doctor Will See You....Tomorrow

Just a quick entry today, since I'm getting ready to leave this evening for a quick road-trip to Maryland, where my nephew is having his Bar Mitzvah. I just saw a BBC Article that mentions that the name of the new Doctor will be revealed tomorrow (Saturday).

What on earth am I talking about, you ask?

Well, as a long-time fan of the Doctor Who series, I'm eager to find out who will be replacing David Tennant to be the 11th Doctor. For those who don't know, Doctor Who is a long-running (it started in 1963, the year I was born) science fiction series featuring "The Doctor", a "Time-Lord" who travels time and space. Russell T. Davies revived the series after it had been off air for a few years, and the new version was just superb.

Davies recently announced that he was stepping down as producer and main writer, handing the baton to Steven Moffat, who has written some of the strangest and most compelling past episodes. David Tennant is stepping down to pursue other acting opportunities. Fortunately, the show long ago got around the problem of actors leaving by creating a plot device of the Doctor regenerating every so often.

There have been rumors of a black Doctor, or even a woman Doctor (GASP!) - we'll know after the BBC airs its special "Doctor Who Confidential" episode on Saturday.

Sci Fi seems to be have been getting first dibs on new Doctor Who episodes here in the US, then BBC America has been showing past episodes. As far as I'm aware, Sci Fi has not yet made an announcement about showing the special episode that aired at Christmas in the UK.

Update Friday January 2nd 2009 1:45pm ET: This article shows some of the favorites to play the new Doctor, as of October 30th, 2008.


Alison said...

Joe tried to use mind control to get me to go find out about....maybe even watch, or **gasp** BUY the Dr. Who show.

I resisted mightily, as The Prisoner has all but taken control of my life.

I'm afraid I'm about to fall down another chronosynclastic infundibulum and buy all the episodes of Dr. Who.

I have a special request....rumor on the web has it that The Prisoner is being remade this year. Any info?

Dr. Who is probably wonderful, but does it have angry bouncing balloons that suffocate people?

Graham said...

No angry balloons that I can recall on Doctor Who. DW is wonderful - has always been wonderful.

The Prisoner remake is more than a rumor: