Sunday, December 21, 2008

How did you two meet?

When I start talking with someone for the first time and they hear my accent, the first question they usually ask is "Where do you come from?" The second is "What brings you over here?", to which I usually answer "My Wife." The third question is usually "How did you two meet?" So in true American TV series style, here's a quick summary:

Previously in Graham's Life.....

Graham inexplicably develops a taste for English folk music, regularly going to folk festivals, such as The Cambridge Folk Festival, where one year he hears a new American singer-songwriter called Dar Williams. He starts listening to American Folk Music and joins the Dar List, an e-mail based discussion group for fans of Dar Williams. He starts posting on a fairly regular basis. He receives an e-mail one day from an American woman living in New Jersey commenting on something he'd posted to the list. Let's call her "B." Graham and B start e-mailing each other on a fairly regular basis, and a friendship ensues.

In these pre-IM/Chat-room days, Graham decides to start an IRC channel, so that like-minded fans can get together on Friday nights and chat. Despite it being a lively place, Graham and B often find themselves still chatting with each other through the night and into the morning. Something is going on here.

One Friday evening on IRC, with only Graham and a New Zealander still around, B mentions that she has a spare ticket for a local folk concert, and jokingly wonders if anyone wants to come with her. Graham calls her bluff and says sure....


Erica P said...

tee hee! this is awfully cute. and, now that you mention it, i love dar too! i'll have to pop her in's rather perfect timing for "The Christians and The Pagans," i think!

Graham said...

I didn't know you were a Dar fan, Erica - cool! :)

And yes, "The Christians and the Pagans" is quite apt!

Lexie said...

It's like watching a movie..I can't wait to hear what happened next! You describe everything in such an amazing way Graham,I wish I could write that well too! Please post again the soonest possible :D

Mouse said...

Awwwww, this is good (and so cute) ........ waiting for the next instalment!!

x Mouse

Alison said...

That was a trailer for the main feature, right?

La Belle Femme said...

You can't just leave us hanging like that! That was a teaser.

I like Dar Williams sometimes, too. That one song of hers, "Comfortably Numb" (Pink Floyd cover) - really good.

Give us more, Graham! AND, omg, I met an ex of mine a LONG time ago on IRC. IM's were def. not the thing yet. :)

Anonymous said...

When people hear Graham's accent generally one of two things happen: 1) They ask if he's from Australia; 2) They ask where he's from and he deadpans... "New Jersey. Can't you tell by the accent?"

Random facts to go with the quick summary:

The Dar album that brought us each to the Dar List was "Mortal City".

The post I replied to was tangentially related to Ani case anibody cares.

I was sure from our initial contacts he was much older than over 40 *gasp*;-)

IRC darchat started on Friday nights at 7pm Eastern time which meant midnight in England. Graham would come home from work, sleep for a while and then get up to get on IRC. I would sometimes have to log on from work because I wasn't home that early. (My boss isn't here is she?!?!?) Sometimes we would stop talking at dawn eastern time. Who knows when Graham slept!

The concert was Cheryl Wheeler with Greg Greenway opening. It was at the now-defunct Hightstown venue that we still both miss terribly.