Sunday, December 28, 2008

The British Are Coming!

The BBC recently reported the findings of a report compiled by ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents) and the UK Foreign Office. Apparently the falling value of the UK Pound against the Euro is likely to result in fewer Brits taking their holidays (vacations) in previously popular destinations in Europe in 2009. Amongst the destinations likely to be visited instead is the United States, with 13% more Britons coming here than in 2008.

Apparently, this is partially due to excitement over the historic election of Barack Obama as President; low fuel prices and a low cost of living are also given as possible reasons.

Reports of a stealth invasion in retaliation for dumping British tea in Boston Harbor are being strongly denied, sources say.


Alison said...

Oh fer Christ's sake, it was only tea! Get over it.

Note to all Britons coming here for holidays: bring a gun, or we'll be happy to lease you one.

Graham said...

Ah guns.....this shall be the subject of a future entry. Holster 'em up, Alison!

Lexie said...

I wouldn't expect anything different. If you ask me, Euro has done more damage than Greek Economy at least, if not to the economies of all the other countries in EU as well. But I'm not some kind of an expert of course so I could be all wrong about that.