Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Weeksworth of Worthy Links - August 2-August 8, 2009

I'm trying a new feature, please let me know what you think by posting a comment.

During the course of a week, I read through quite a few news stories, blog posts and other pages on the web that I think would interest my own readers. Starting today, I'll post links to some of the best of them here.

Stowaway hid on Border Agency bus (BBC News)

A man walks into a bar (and other clichés) (A Brit Out Of Water)

The Best Cauliflower for Years (Elaine's British & Irish Food Blog -

Rock n' Roll Public Library Opens in London (Book Patrol)

Bio of Beatles' Sgt. Pepper in the Works (Book Patrol)

Drinkers drown out downturn at British beer festival (Expatica)

Shed and done: Boris Johnson forced to pull down illegal summer house (

When the dreaded call from home comes (

Who were the Great Train Robbers? (BBC2)

Wish you weren't here, Greece tells tourists (The Independent)


Pazcual said...

Some news are just...can i be honest? It's the most weird thing I've ever read. Trust me, when you live in a country like mine, it's quite hard to beat the news but some here are just...Wow. The boss must hate the poor journalist haha.



Graham said...

@Pazcual - Please bear in mind these are just a few stories (and not all of them are from news organizations) that have caught my eye, and that I think would be amusing, or interesting to my readers. There are more than enough serious news sites out there - mine is not one of them! :)