Friday, April 24, 2009

British Y-Front Sales Boosted by Recession

How timely! After talking about pants/underwear/underpants/trousers in my last blog post, the latest news from the BBC is that sales of Y-fronts have increased by 35%, according to British store Debenhams. In fact, sales of Y-fronts have overtaken sales of boxer shorts for the first time since early 1990, interestingly, the last time Britain was in a recession. A spokesman from Debenhams said,"They provide a much greater sense of security than loose-fitting boxers, and perhaps, in these troubled times, that's what men need to feel."

And with that brief (hah!) newsflash, which will no doubt thrill my friend Sheila, who for some reason is fascinated by Y-fronts, I wish you a great weekend!


Cindy said...

Yes, I can see the logic - how during a recession people want to protect what is most valuable to them! Ha, ha, ha!

Very interesting!

Graham said...

Here's another thought that just popped into my head at random, @Cindy - Perhaps it's a Darwinian thing. Bearing in mind the effect of tight underwear on male fertility, perhaps this is a way of reducing the population at a time when we cannot afford the extra mouths to feed!