Saturday, March 7, 2009

Don't say 'fannypack' around me

In England, where I'm originally from, "fanny" refers to a completely different part of the anatomy (Female genitalia) than what it does in the US. In the UK, we call a fannypack a "bumbag" (bum referring to the posterior). I just can't bring myself to say "fannypack."

But here's a funny thing: both words refer to the rear-end. But don't most people wear them at the front?


Graham said...

Thought I'd try the new social media site "Plinky" out. Each day you can answer a "prompt" - either a question or a challenge. Where my answers fit the theme of this blog, I'll post them here.

Lexie said...

Seems like a very cool site, thanks for that Graham! And I liked your answer :D

Graham said...

Thanks! It also reminded me that I need to make a few posts about some of the funnier differences in language. As Mark Twain once said (approximately): "America and England - two countries divided by a common language"